Mead is the best drink on the planet.

Our Mead is made to light people up from the inside.

The bees have to visit 10,000 flowers to make the honey for one sip of our 12% meads.

Our meads are delicious. Healthier than most alcoholic beverages. Typically very low in sugar and free of preservatives.

With mead we can help restore biodiversity, soil health and pollinator health (check out more about that here).

How Does it Taste?

That depends on which one you have.

Our Traditional Meads (which are made with just honey, water and yeast) can be light and floral, or rich and funky. It depends on the honey that we use and the way we ferment them. Our Orange Blossom and Clover Blossom taste like walking through flowering fields. Our limited edition Mirth in a Bottle Series, such as our Yucatan Mirth and our Huajillo Mirth are like visiting exotic parts of the world. Most of our Traditionals are next to dry (around 1-2g of sugar/liter of mead) but have loads of flavor and nuance. Typically they are slightly effervescent to help balance the honey notes with some light CO2 crispness.

Our Sour Meads (traditionals made with sour cultures) are one of a kind. We use a special sour culture and fermentation process to make meads that are an epic balance of tart and sweet, complex and quaffable. We don’t use acetobacter in our sours (which can make a sour too sour in our opinion) and we rarely use brettanomyces (which can make a sour too funky - but sometimes we do, if we do, we’ll call it out). We do use lactobacilius, the bacteria that makes yogurt sour and is part of a healthy gut microbiome. Drinking our sour mead is a delightful experience - full flavored, lots of complexity and they leave your body feeling different than most other alcoholic beverages. Our sour meads are typically dry (less than 1g of sugar/liter of mead) and slightly effervescent as well.

Our Flavor Voyager series is a grab bag of varieties. We love to innovate and invent varieties and flavors of mead that have never been made before. We make hopped meads, coffee meads, strawberry ghost pepper meads… you get the idea. We’ve done sherry meads and banana bread bochet meads. We’ve used squid ink in meads to make them black. Heck, one time we used a smoked honey to make a mead and it tasted like sausage so we added white pepper and caraway seeds and boom! Sausage Mead was made. (It was polarizing to say the least.) If you have an idea for a mead and want us to make you a 300 gallon batch, we can do that. Email us at info@goldencoastmead.com to discuss logistics and pricing.

Lastly, we are working on a line of 7% abv session meads. These will be crowd pleasers. Sweeter, carbonated, light enough abv to drink a pint and walk away, we want bars and restaurants to start serving these and like the Trojan Horse the mead category will make its way back into the chalices and bellies of the people - where it belongs!