Mead parties are the best parties.

Mead parties are the best parties.


Our meads are light and enlivening.  Like a summer's day in the glass.  

We use California Honey and San Diego Mountain Spring Water. 

Our meads are clean, balanced, and delightful. Sometimes they sing with rich honey notes. Sometimes they're floral and jasminey and so orange blossomy its like you're walking through an orange grove in bloom. Sometimes they're fermented with lactobacilius and they're tart and complex. They're always inspiring and enlivening.

To make the honey that goes into one bottle, the bees have to visit over 600,000 flowers.  Those flowers have collected the sunlight and turned it into nectar.  Drinking our mead is drinking sunlight. We have seen how it can turn a dinner party into a dance party. We have seen how it can connect people and inspire people with the beauty of this life.

We make our mead for warm evenings and joyful nights. We hope it lights up your life.

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