"If you've only tried traditional mead, this will open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. And if you've never had mead, this is the place to start." - Billy B., San Diego, CA
"Wow, what a refreshing change to the landscape of craft breweries here in San Diego! Don't get me wrong, I love me some craft beer! But stopping here at Golden Coast Mead was a welcome change." - Gus L., Escondido, CA
"Great experience and flavors. You will not be disappointed." - Denise R., Oceanside, CA
"Excellent in every way! Everyone was awesome and friendly, the mead was outstanding and the atmosphere was great." - Sophia L., Jacksonville, NC
"The meads were just plain tasty and they offer a nice assortment of styles. Mead is definitely unappreciated and should not be playing second fiddle to any other libation out there." - Vince O., Vista, CA
"This is the first time I ever tried mead and I am in love with it. I recomend Golden Coast to any beer enthusiast." - Cody Ward, CA
"What a great change of pace from beer or wine." - Kathleen Poelke, CA


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