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Included in the 3 mead Variety pack:


Whoa. Sour mead. Unlike anything commercially available to our knowledge. Champagne like, tart and crisp by a lot more natural carbonation and a special fermentation agent, lactobacillus casei or paracasei. We’re not sure which one it was, but when it took over, we were sure this mead was amazing. It is suited to many uses, particularly drinking out of a champagne flute on New Year’s Eve or out of the bottle at a dance party with friends. Any and all other uses are encouraged.


When bees collect nectar only from orange blossoms it creates a honey that is light, floral and citrusy and sometimes even has a bubble-gummy/white grape element. By fermenting it down to less than 1% residual sugar (most beers have 2-3% of residual sugar), those citrus elements integrate with the citrus honey, bringing out an acidity to complement it. With that dynamic and balance, this is our lightest bodied, most “fruity” mead, but still elegantly balanced with a healthy amount of body and a little carbonation. We think it pairs great with a fruit and creamy cheese plate, or a creamy thai curry.


What happens when you add Meadium Toast French Oak to a wildflower honey? Savage (wild) Bois (wood). The wildflower honey note tends to hit first, then all kinds of confectionary spices come through: cinnamon, vanilla, clove... A richer body with a little carbonation makes this mead our most food friendly mead for something like roast duck or braised rabbit if you happen to have an extra one of those in your freezer.

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