Frank Golbeck

CEO, Co-Founder, Head Mead Maker / UC Berkeley, Naval Officer

Frank's love for mead started with his grandfather. He was an apple rancher in Oak Glen, California. He retired from apple ranching and stayed busy making fruit wine and hard cider, grape wine and some mead.

Frank's first memory of mead was at 8 years old, peeking over the back of the bar while his grandfather poured samples of mead to people. They were laughing and having a great time.

As he grew older Frank read Tolkien and Beowulf. Shakespeare and Harry Potter... Mead kept coming up in these epic tales. Then, when he was home from college, his grandfather gifted him the last bottle of his mead. 12 years aged.

He took his grandfather's mead to university and shared it with his friends and his now wife. Frank started making mead and discovered more about its magic, and the way it made people dance.

Frank was in the navy after graduating from UC Berkeley and was able to collect honey from all over the world. One day, his wife asked what he would do with all of the time, money and energy in the world. He told her he wanted to make mead and share it with people. He has done just that.

Praveen Ramineni

CFO, Co-Founder / UC Berkeley

Praveen is the Co-Founder and CFO of Golden Coast Mead where he oversees all financial related matters as well as growth strategy. Prior to founding Golden Coast Mead, Praveen worked in private equity with Caravel Capital Management & NSL Power investing in early stage renewable energy projects in India and South America. Earlier in his career, Praveen was a consultant with Monitor Deloitte where he worked on corporate strategy engagements primarily in the technology space. Praveen graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in Molecular Cell Biology & Economics.

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