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  • 4089 South Oceanside Boulevard, Suite H
  • Oceanside, CA, 92054
  • United States

Join us on Boxing Day (Dec 26) for the release of our newest mead, Galley Grog.

The infamous North County food truck, Sushi Bus, will be rolling sushi from 3-7:30PM. The Sushi Bus is the brainchild of entrepreneurial sushi chefs Loren Waite and Neil Foreman. Bonded by English roots, the guys offer a fresh spin on traditional sushi.

Pan Galactic Gargle Blasted will be on tap all night.

Galley Grog is a limited edition aged mead using the Golden Coast Mead house wild yeast culture, dark rainforest wildflower honey, and San Diego spring water.

Like many things in the Golden Coast meadery, Galley Grog emerged from a happy accident. The flavor profile tends towards the scotch spectrum, with toffee, coffee, chocolate, and wildflower honey notes, and has a slightly tart crisp finish. With slight petillance, Galley Grog is best enjoyed at cellar temp in a snifter.

“Unique, dry, traditional mead that is best for philosophizing in armchairs,” said Co-founder and Head Meadmaker Frank Golbeck. “Released on Boxing Day, because that’s when you philosophize in armchairs.” As to be expected from such a statement, the pairing notes are limited: Brandy snifter, neat.

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