What is Mead

Mead is alcohol which is produced by fermenting honey. It is the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world. The Ethiopian Kings drank it, Beowulf drank it. Aristotle, Arjuna, Shakespeare...they all drank it. And so did your great-great-great-great- fore mommas and papas. The agricultural revolution came around and made grapes and grain easier to harvest for wine and beer. Mead regrettably, was ignored for something easier and cheaper to produce. Today mead is making a comeback.

Golden Coast Mead is a craft beverage company dedicated to making delightful, authentic meads that are good for the earth.  

Ranging between 6 and 14% ABV, our meads are meant to be enjoyed doing whatever you love to do, whether that's creating, adventuring or celebrating the joys of life. 

Our meadery is located in Oceanside, CA and we also operate a tasting room in Julian, CA.  You can stop in and mead it up with us or find our meads elsewhere

Sunshine. Flowers. Magic. In your glass.


Or go to Sprouts, Whole Foods, BevMo, Or Your Local Bottle Shop.

Distribution is spotty (we're building the mead market). So if you can't find mead, please ask your beer or wine buyer to carry us in your favorite store.

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