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What is mead?  Sunlight in your glass! Really, it's honey and water, mixed together and fermented.  It's probably the oldest alcohol in the world. Your hunter-gatherer ancestors were probably drinking mead because all it took was a beehive getting rained on and spontaneously fermenting. No agriculture. No technology.  Just honey, water and fermentation.

But mead is so much more than that.

It is a magical drink that connects us humans with the natural world around us, with the bees, the flowering plants, our water and our sun.

It also connects us with layers of meaning as deep as our earliest creation stories and ways of understanding the universe. 

The excitement and energy behind its rebirth and resurgence connects us with human creativity, the boundaries of science and craftsmanship.

Most importantly, mead connects those who drink it with each other.

In short, mead is magic. When we look at it, typically we see a bright golden drink, sometimes bubbly, sometimes still.  When we smell it, hopefully the "essence of many flowers" beckon us in. When we drink it, we taste honey and alcohol, hopefully crafted well to balance and integrate, entice and satisfy. Hopefully it leaves us with a feeling of mirth and delight. Ready to smile, laugh and dance at the joy of this life. Ready to share that joy with others.

We love mead.  We hope you find something that you love about it too.  Check out how we make mead here.  How we believe that mead, in its best form, is the most regenerative (beyond sustainable) alcoholic beverage in the world, or as we say, "Mead=More Bees=More Life". Check out some of the mead lore we have collected, showing that mead was basically a part of every great human tradition (from India to Scandanavia, Africa, China and Central America too). Mead is making a comeback, and we'd be delighted if you tried ours, joined our email list and told us what you think.

Many thanks for journeying with us.



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