1993 - Co-Founder, Frank Golbeck watches his grandpa pour mead for the first time at family's apple ranch, Los Rios Rancho Tasting Room. Sees the guests transform to laughing, friendly people.

1996 - Wildlands Conservancy purchases Los Rios Rancho to preserve the land and apple orchard from tract home development.

Los Rios Rancho Apple Farm (Photo Credit: Kurt Miller)

Los Rios Rancho Apple Farm (Photo Credit: Kurt Miller)

2002 - Frank reads Beowulf, realizes his grandpa was pouring the same stuff these epic viking warriors were drinking. Reads Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter.  Mead is everywhere in these great stories.  Gets a hippy-how-to book, Living on the Earth, from his mom, with a mead recipe.  First effort to make mead is aborted.

Walhall by Emil Doepler

Walhall by Emil Doepler

2004 - Frank helps his grandpa clean out his attic and finds the last known bottle of his mead. He shares it with his then girlfriend Theresa (who he later marries) and his best friend Joe (who he later founds Golden Coast Mead with) - they have an epic night.

2005 - Frank and Theresa make their first batch of mead at UC Berkeley Co-Op Davis House. Many more batches follow. People drink 5 gallons in a night. Dance parties ensue.

2007 - Co-Founder Joe Colangelo says to Frank over a re-used yogurt container of mead, "People love this stuff, they'd probably give us money for it."

2007 - Joe and Frank graduate from UC Berkeley and join US Navy. Third future co-founder Praveen Ramineni graduates and goes to work at Deloitte as a consultant. Test batches continue being made.

2009 - Theresa and Frank get married.  Theresa asks him what he would do with all of the time, money and energy in the world.  Frank says that he'd make and share mead. Calls Joe to figure out how to start a business.

2010 - At inaugural tasting party, Joe and Frank ply Praveen with lots of mead, get him to join team as CFO. GCM is incorporated and first custom crush batch is produced at Triple B Ranches.

Golden Coast Mead Co-Founders: Joe Colangelo, Frank Golbeck, and Praveen Ramineni

Golden Coast Mead Co-Founders: Joe Colangelo, Frank Golbeck, and Praveen Ramineni

2011 - Frank gets out of the Navy, and GCM gets its licenses to sell mead.  Joe, Frank and Praveen and a couple of frineds walk the first bottles of Mirth, produced at Triple B Ranches in Valley Center to the Pacific Ocean at Cardiff by the Sea on "The Great Mead Hike"

2012 - Raised $20,472 from 172 backers on Kickstarter, got first production facility leased and licensed in Oceanside, CA. Meanwhile they produce a "Farm House Batch" at Hacienda De Las Rosas Winery in Ramona. Golden Coast Mead becomes a 1% for the Planet Company, giving 1% of the their sales to work that helps restore the health of the honey bee.


2013 - First batches of San Diego Style Mead, California Oak and Orange Blossom, are produced with Maurey Fletcher at Golden Coast Mead. Sales Double over prior year.

2014 - First distribution contract for San Diego is signed after negotiating with three different companies. Tasting room is opened and second space is leased. Sales double again over prior year. Savage Bois and Something Something Sour Mead debut.

2015 - Second through fourth distribution markets are opened for New York, New Jersey and Maryland/DC.  Sour Orange Blossom Mead debuts as well as first special release of Mirth. Sales Double again over prior year.

2016 - TBD... ;)


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