The frontier of mead is thick, wacky & wild. Thick with opportunity. Wacky with challenges and growth. Wild with mead. Including Sausage mead. Wild.

Notes from the Tasting Room:

SAUSAGE MEAD: Chris Herr, Director of R&D, made up a sausage mead. Why? He wanted to try making a mead out of smoked honey. He did that, and as it fermented, it tasted oddly meaty... Taster glasses poised at our lips, we looked at each other, eye brows raised, and agreed it was worth it to go all the way. Chris added caraway, cumin, rosemary and a hint of white pepper. A few weeks later,the world's first sausage mead was kegged. A number of people bought chalices of it. A few even took home some growlers.

It makes me realize that we have an awesome opportunity to share the excitement of creativity and discovery in even the most unconventional of places and ways. While we may never package the sausage mead for distribution, I am sure we and those that tried it will never forget it.

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Buzz on the Bees:


HUMANS: We know this, Earth and darn it, we're trying to help.

E: Well, good. What are you trying to do?

H: All the things? Even President Obama published a guide for how to partner with the pollinators.

E: Good. What about pesticides and mono-cultures?

H: Yeah, we kind of painted ourselves into the corner with those. Maybe we can come up with a way to incentivize people to make a good, healthy living for themselves while taking care of the earth.

E: Ok. How are you going to do that?

H: Well, what if we could pay people 5 times the going rate for honey if that honey is produced on healthy land by healthy bees?

E: That might help the bees and those who keep them, and the land.

H: That's right, Earth! Instead of having to do pollination to make a living, beekeepers could just sell great honey to the mead industry. Let's do that! Want to help?

E: Yes. But all I can do is what I'm doing. You've got to change the things that aren't working.

H: Right. We'll get to it. [Leaves to get mead, share it, save bees]

The Frontier of Mead:

American Mead Makers Association is forming their R&D committee - We at Golden Coast Mead will be a part of it. Already, we are working with White Labs to analyze pre-fermentation honey mixtures to understand what kind of sugars go in to fermentation and what kinds come out, as well as what kind of nutrients are necessary to make consistently excellent meads every time. Hopefully this research will get shared with the AMMA's members and everyone will validate it with their own R&D and awesome meads that come out the back end.

Also, we hope we are on the last batch of Sour experiments before we test our next larger batch of sours. So Close! Stay tuned.

Upcoming Events:

National Mead Day is August 6th! Chris & I will be teaching a Make Mead at Home Workshop from 11am-1pm at the meadery. Get tickets here! Space is limited so reserve your spot early.

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