I went to the California Beekeepers Association Annual Conference the other week. Whew-ee! Not looking great folks. The bees are struggling. Beekeepers are working their stingers off trying to keep their bees alive and still losing around 40% of their hives each year.

One young guy I met lost all 800 of his hives in a season (well, he had about 72 left over if I recall properly). I left the conference with the determination to help these wonderful men and women who have built a life around keeping bees. They all love their bees. I look forward to the day when our thriving mead industry has built a “bee-healthy” honey industry and we can help these hardworking folks make a good living taking good care of their US bees.

Who’s with me? You? Good, then please, order mead as holiday gifts for all of your friends and family of drinking age! If they’re not of drinking age, cellar it for them! It only gets better (as long as you store it upright at cellar temp).


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