SOUR MEAD! 10 Barrels in the tank, bee ready!

After a delightful batch of wildflower sour got made in our 3 barrel pilot system, and after it pleased our mead club members across the board, we are making 10 barrels of sour mead with a process we are confident will produce delightful sour mead consistently. Woo-hoo! We’ll write more about how you can get a hold of it when it’s ready soon.

Also, we are making a session Gruit Mead. After experimenting with this ancient combination of herbs (yarrow, heather and mugwort - the mead lore is that they were used to bitter mead and beer before hops became prevalent. These herbs apparently had awesome properties that connected the drinker with the earth, strengthened their body and enlivened their spirits) Chris made a batch that delivered magic.

Standby for more. We have lots of good things underway.


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