Alright Mead people.

Here we are on the frontier of mead. Here I am sending you these missives, reporting back. Sometimes they're more business sometimes they're more conjecture. Often they're a blend of the two. This is one of those, business and conjecture. From me, Frank. At the Frontier of Mead. 

There is so much to be grateful for. We’re gonna just cut right through all the existential doubt, all of the details outside our sphere of influence and like a pair of friends who just pulled up to the mead bar - we’re going to focus on what’s right in front of us - each other and mead.

Look at you. You are a good person. You care. You enjoy life. You like to share good things with the people you care about and you like to make the best choices that you can.

To me, it is an honor and pleasure to imagine the light in me sharing this beautiful gift of mead with the light in you.

The light is in you. And me. And when I look for it, I see it in everything. The bees. The flowers. The sun. My children. Your children. You when you were a child (and now, as I mentioned earlier).
That’s about all I know for sure.

I am reasonably sure of a few other things:

+ Our new tasting room is close to being complete (Stay tuned for the date of the Grand opening party!). The state is going to inspect it Tuesday and hopefully give us a license to make and sell mead there as soon as possible. It’s going to look like a beehive opening up to a garden where humans and nature coexist in harmony. This will likely have a magical effect on everyone there.

+ Our new 6% ABV Gruit Mead - Clover Honey fermented with a body-full yeast that adds a refreshing minerality, steeped in Yarrow, Mugwort, Heather and Lemongrass - is exciting. A session mead with body! No backsweetening! No preservatives. A satisfying honey base note with all kinds of herbal melody on top. I am eager to hear what you think of it and how it makes you feel.

+ Our Something Something Sour Mead will be bottled next week! Yeah!

+ We are now in ALL SoCal Whole Foods and ALL SoCal BevMos! You can find our meads from El Centro to Encinitas, from Brentwood to Bakersfield, so please, tell your friends.

+ Our Orange Blossom Mead has become even more wonderfully amazing. Our beekeeper friend has gotten us the best Raw Orange Blossom Honey that we’ve ever made mead with and oh my goodness the mead we made from it is full of floral citrus wonderment.

I could keep going on, but you should come to the meadery soon and check it out for yourselves. Bring your friends. Tell them why you are grateful for them and for life. And Happy Thanksgiving.

For all of this life and especially for you.


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