Can making mead save the bees? We've been questioned a lot about the safety of making mead with the decline of the honeybee population. The great news is that we CAN save the bees with booze! Click through to hear how this actually works: www.goldencoastme... | Honey, Beekeeping, Honey wine, Homebrew

Ok. Recently, someone I respect and admire asked me if what we’re doing is really good for the bees. My answer:

If we’re going to help the bees, we have to give beekeepers a reason to stop doing pollination as their primary business model.

Mead can create so much value out of a pound of honey! We want that value to go to us and our beekeeper partners who can then afford to keep their bees better, reducing annual die-offs, which are currently in the 35-45% range.

What if we could bring Organic Honey production back to America? We could save the bees and change America’s landscape!

Bees don’t need monoculture to do their work or to create single varietal honey. They just need healthy ecosystems to pollinate and beekeepers who pay attention to what flowers are blooming and giving nectar. The bees will visit those flowers, one variety at a time and a beekeeper can collect that honey! No more monoculture! No more putting bees on the back of trucks and shipping them to their deaths! It will be like the Garden of Eden!

<okay, thanks for letting me share that, sometimes I get a little excitable, but it’s because I think about this stuff all the time and I want to share it with the world, thanks for letting me share it with you.>


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