Hello Friends in Mead,

I love you. You are great.

Thanks for BEE-lieving. I Bee-lieve too.

In mead. In sunlight. In music and dancing. The beach. The ocean. Aquaponics. You. Me. All Of It.

As Yoda said, “Luminous Bee-ings are we! Not this crude matter.”

Things are good at the meadery. The City of Oceanside approved our plans for our new tasting room! We have a short mead recipe that we think will be ready to sell on August 18th. Our sours are close and Patagonia Clothing’s investment fund called us back. They are discussing investing in us.

Lots of good things going on to be sure. Balancing them all can be a little challenging. Growing a manufacturing business it turns out, is complex. But like anything worth doing it is full of all kinds of unexpected joys and opportunities to do great things.

We’d love to partner with you if you are interested. We’d love to take investment from you if you love the things we love and want to help us do more of them while making your capital grow. If you’re interested in learning more, please let me know!

Below are some more updates. Thanks for Bee-ing awesome.


We released our Summer 2016 Mirth in a Bottle during our Summer Solstice Mead Club release party (which was awesome by the way). While we typically don’t make sweet meads, the mirth series is all about showing varietal honey. The honey we used in this one is similar to what the once world famous John Harbison (who brought bees to San Diego) used to produce in East County San Diego. Here’s what one of our club members said about it:

“Mirth in a Bottle is one of the best sweet meads I have ever had. It came on sweet, but light, and finished somewhat dry with flavors of thyme and spring flowers. It was an absolute delight to partake of…”

We love that we get to share mead with you all. If you want a regular shipment, please consider joining the mead club!

Also, our friend Jess, who is a farmer in Oceanside and Carlsbad, is growing ultralocal blueberries. We got some from him and made some bee-a-utiful mead. It looks like purple magic. It tastes like blueberry in naked elegance. Hopefully you got to try it last Saturday - we had it on tap at our tasting room in celebration of National Mead Day.


There has been so much going on in the bee/honey world that it’s a bit overwhelming for me. I mean, they’re dying. (44% loses this year. Did I mention that already?) The Orange Blossom Honey Crop is really short this year. Hopefully we’ll be getting a great supply soon from a beekeeper that we’re eager to work with, but the co-op we get it from now can’t supply us because they can’t fill their retail orders. That said, there is some amazing honey out there, like this.

While this honey isn’t local, it is definitely regenerative - meaning that by producing it the beekeepers and the business that markets it are making life better in places for people. They are regenerating the earth’s capacity to support life. This is beyond sustainable, and this is something that Golden Coast Mead supports. We want to do it locally too. But the honey that is available to us in bulk locally is not regenerative. So we’ve got to be open to using the best honey we can get as we build the mead market with you. Then, when lots of people are willing to spend $40 on a bottle of great, local, regenerative mead, we will sell those too and inspire local beekeepers to shift their business models to producing high quality, regenerative honey for mead making.

Shoot, maybe we should start doing that now? Wait, we do. It’s called the Mirth Line. See above ;).


We have a very special event to announce for Thursday, August 18th - a Farm-to-Table Dinner at our tasting room, hosted by Living Earth Systems.

Eat food that has been grown from living soil less than 20 miles from Oceanside and picked within 48 hours. The unique Hawaiian-fusion dinner will be paired with a tasting flight of mead, and will include a beyond organic farm-to-table 3-course meal, dessert, and farm-to-glass non-alcoholic refreshments, grown and prepared by Living Earth Systems.

Get Buzzed at Your Next Event With the Mirth of Mead!

Are you hosting an event or know someone who is? Looking to cater a naturally effervescent beverage that aligns with your guests’ healthy and good for the earth lifestyle? Golden Coast Mead would love to help you spread abundance and joy at your next social gathering, birthday party or wedding!

We'll take care of our bar set up, tear down, pouring and mead-ucation - or if you’d just like to have our mead readily available you can have your favorite bottles delivered!

You can contact our fantastic new events coordinator, Michelle at Events@goldencoastmead.com for more info 🍻

Alright, we love you. Thanks for bee-ing you! Lift a glass of sunlight and flowers to the earth, with someone you love.




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