The waggle dance. This is how the bees teach each other where the good things are.  By dancing.  The more excited they are while they dance, the better the good things are that they’re sharing with their hive. They even teach their siblings how to find the good things by doing their dance at an angle which corresponds to the angle relative to the sun they should fly to find the good thing.

It’s an amazing process that nature created so we could have more flowering and fruiting plants - a more abundant and beautiful world. This process also creates honey, which of course means mead for you and your hive.  Are you doing your dance and show your soul-siblings where the good things are?

(Leadership lessons from the dancing guy)


The meadery is abuzz!  So much work. We are making new experimental meads - almond honey bochet with cinnamon and vanilla (rich from the caramelized sugars in the caramelized honey at the root of bochet meads; interesting cordite like flavor from the almond honey - spicy, dynamic, satisfying). Also, coffee with toasted coconut - like sipping a bag of kona coffee.

TIKI MEAD - We are R&Ding a Tiki Mead with our friend Jeff Josenhans - pineapple juice and honey in primary with a funky brett-like strain of yeast, then lots of fun spices in secondary which will only be available to mead club members and at high profile accounts like the US Grant Hotel Grill and Bar. Swanky. And delicious. You should join the club.

SOURS - Our sours are getting closer to the next step of consistent replicability - stay tuned, if you’ve been to the tasting room lately you may have tried a bit of our latest sour experiments.  The kegs seem to kick in one day when we put them on. If you haven’t been able to try it, Get Ye to The Meadery!

LEMON GINGER & CHOCOLATE CHIPOTLE - Our Lemon Ginger and Chocolate Chipotle meads were on draught at Plan 9 Alehouse to great success. We need to package those. Who wants to invest in us so we can do more awesome stuff faster?

Right now the game plan is: complete developing our 6% ABV everyday-priced meads that are awesome and natural (no preservatives, dynamic, satisfying, refreshing drinking experience).  Complete our packaging redesign so our mead communicates how awesome it is on the store shelf without one of the GCM team having to be there to do so. Complete the expansion of the new tasting room and R&D facility. Who wants to help us? Email me at if you are interested in discussing details of partnering with us to define the mead category in Southern California and shift the US honey market for the health of the bees.


The mead world is growing, the dance party is getting bigger! We’re stoked to be partnering with a number of entrepreneurs who are as passionate about mead as we are.  From the guys at Meadiocrity Meadery in Escondido, to Alex at Honey Pot Meadery, we’re stoked to be helping to grow the mead movement.

We’ve had an Australian fly out to attend the advanced mead makers course at UC Davis, apprentice for a week with Ken Schramm (#thegodfatherofmead) and apprentice for a week with us (Joel is a “legend”). In mid June we’ll have a couple from Alaska intern with us for about a month so they can learn what we do here and hopefully start an awesome meadery in their part of the world.

We’re working on a Mid-Atlantic Mead Alliance (the MAMA) with MeloVino and The Colony Meadery to develop the mead market in… the Mid Atlantic. As Sergio Moutella of MeloVino put it, anyone who’s not a part of it will be “Not the MAMA.” We would love to have other meaderies in the market join the effort. As JFK said, “A rising tide raises all ships.”

We have the opportunity to build a national mead movement based on quality, creativity, authenticity, diversity, and passion.  I personally would like to see more of all of these things in the world.  By helping the category grow, we see an opportunity to work with partners who want to share the magic of great mead as much as we do, and hopefully that meads we can all help the bees faster. As well as grow the mead market. Win win. Buzz Buzz.

Join us June 8th for our upcoming Mead, Chocolate & Cigar Pairing event with So Rich Chocolates, and Southern Draw Cigars that will introduce your taste buds to a cascade of complex flavors and profiles.

Taste artisan chocolates and meads, as you experience a hand crafted cigar and learn about the arts of mead-, chocolate-, and cigar-making. Each third of the cigar will be paired progressively with chocolate and mead. 

Read the FULL PAIRING MENU on eventbrite

*Only 30 open spaces per session so reserve your ticket early via eventbrite, or from our tasting room by calling 760-630-4468.

> RESPECTFUL POLITICAL DISCOURSE NIGHT | This night will be fun and positive, and we intend to be an example of the kind of respectful, open minded political dialogue we want the world to have. The discussion will be lead/mediated by our CEO/Head Mead Maker, Frank Golbeck.

Special meads on the menu...
* Red, white, & blue mead
* Maple Syrup Mead (for everyone who wants to move to Canada after the election)
* Fondue (for those more inclined to move to Switzerland after the election)

RSVP here

In conclusion - We’d love to have a discussion with you about your potential partnership in seizing the opportunity in front of us.  We are immensely grateful for your support and we’d love to build a deeper relationship with you.  Please share what you love about what we’re doing with your friends and tell us too!  We can’t do any of this without you.

Dance Dance, Buzz Buzz,

Frank Golbeck
CEO, Head Mead Maker, Co-Founder


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