GOOD KARMA SALE | This holiday season we are doing a Good Karma Sale - donating 5% of our total gross sales between Thanksgiving and Monday (Nov 30) to our charity of choice, the UC Davis Honey and Pollinator Center.

Don't know what a Good Karma Sale is?

A Good Karma Sale is a chance for business owners big and small to consciously redefine our relationship to the holidays. Together, we're reclaiming the language and purpose around Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday. We're making the holidays meaningful again... To us, our customers, and the world.

You can read more about how the #goodkarmaisthenewblackfriday movement started, and who else is taking part, here.

Our new Three Mead Variety pack is a great way to take part in this sale. Inventory is always changing at Golden Coast Mead so let us send you three of our best meads of the season. You may consider this a trial pack, to discover your favorite variety, or a gift pack, to delight a loved one with the gift of mead.


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