Dear friends!

I think we are making the best mead we’ve ever made. Our Orange Blossom and California Oak are basically totally dry now. They are rich and layered. Inviting and approachable and delicious. We are dedicated to making each batch better than the last, but I think we’ve hit a new level of delightful, authentic mead.

The good for the earth piece is coming along too. We were recently contacted by a honey supplier that has a fair trade honey co-op in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. There, they make certified organic honey on a Unesco World Heritage Site where the bees pollinate around Mayan ruins and undeveloped rainforests. We are doing some experimentation with the honey they produce to ensure it can make excellent mead. When we develop a recipe we love, we can’t wait to bring our first mead made from organic, fair trade honey to market. Hopefully, after we do, we can begin to inspire our domestic beekeepers to move in that direction with their bulk honey too.


The mead market is full of opportunity. We are working on sours, short meads, single varietal, and location specific honey meads. We are working on herbal meads, maybe even homeopathic meads. We are planning mead festivals where we drink mead and honor the gods, our ancestors and “the heroes who founded human culture” and we “wish our tribe peace, well being and health.” Then, after “everyone in the circle is communally and simultaneously inebriated and the gods [are] present among the people... the door to the world of the gods and goddesses [opens].” - RATSCH 1998/2005

We are just beginning to scratch the surface. It is so fun to be able to create and share these things with you. We hope that you have even more joy sharing them with your friends and tribes.


We are going to give our 1% for the planet donation to more people working to restore the health of the honey bee. Dr. James Nieh at UCSD will still get a donation from Golden Coast Mead for his work on Neonicitinoid pesticides and the way that they debilitate the bees. But we’ll also be giving to activist organizations working in the field to make industrial beekeeping more regenerative. BeeGirlHoney Love and Dr. Marla Spivak at University of Minnesota will all get a portion of our 1% for the planet funds as well.

We believe in each of them and their work to educate communities and beekeepers about what they can do every day to improve the health of the honeybee. We hope we can grow this contribution significantly over the next 18 months with your help. Save the bees! Drink Mead!

The last day to sign up for the first release of the Golden Coast Mead Club is June 20th!

In response to so many requests, we have added on one more Mead Club option in addition to the 3-bottle and 12-bottle tiers - a 3-Bottle Specialty Club! 3 bottles of Special Release meads per quarter, that you can find nowhere elseCheck out the details here.

> IT'S OUR ANNIVERSARY! Summer Solstice will be the 2 year anniversary of our Oceanside tasting room, and the 5 year anniversary of the company! Please join us at the meadery on June 24tharound 6pm to celebrate.

As always, thank you for your support.


Frank Golbeck
CEO, Co-Founder, Head Mead Maker
Golden Coast Mead



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