NOTES FROM THE TASTING ROOM | Short Mead Update, White Labs Unofficial Partnership, Custom Crush in the works, Experiments Continue
THE FRONTIER OF MEAD | UC Davis offers first advanced mead makers course, Frank interviewed on GotMead Live
THE BUZZ ON THE BEES | UC San Diego Study on Bees Colony Collapse
EVENTS | Valentine's Mead & Chocolate Pairing event. The Sushi Bus at Golden Coast Mead. And you can check out our calendar of events [here]


> White Labs Unofficial Partnership - White Labs, one of the leaders in yeast propagation and fermentation lab services, is headquartered in San Diego County.  Their lab services team came by the meadery a couple of weeks ago in order to learn more about mead.  We gave them the big picture and told them about how the mead community is hungry for every bit of fermentation science regarding mead we can get. The conversation turned to different yeasts' YAN requirements, specifically ale yeast YAN (Yeast Assimilable Nitrogenrequirements, since brewers apparently never worry about YAN levels.  Then discussion turned to nutrient protocol. They said they would run some experiments trying to optimizeour nutrient protocol and understand which ale yeasts need what YAN levels, and how best to add them.  If we could formalize this data, it would be huge for the mead world! Stay tuned.

> Short Mead Update - The short mead effort continues. (Remember from Dispatch 2 that short mead is a lighter mead with lower ABV)  We have a few recipes that are about 80% there.  We continue to refine our approach in the effort of achieving the perfect level of balance. Come in to the tasting room to try the latest iterations and tell us what you think.

> Custom Crush in the Works - Long time followers of Golden Coast Mead will know that we got started with the help of the folks at Triple B Ranches and Vesper Vineyards under a custom crush contract.  This was a great way for us to learn how to make mead at scale while mitigating the risk of starting up.  In order to help build the mead community locally we are working on a custom crush opportunity with a group of local mead makers who are getting started slowly too.  We feel this is a great opportunity to pay it forward and learn from them too.  We'll announce when their stuff is available as well.

 If other people are interested in discussing custom crush, we're open.

> Experiments Continue - Chris Herr, a longtime regular at themeadery, became our assistant tasting room manager, then our production assistant, and is now our R&D lead. (Pretty sweet career progression, right?) He recently made the world's first batch of Poseidon's Tears. The secret ingredient that turned them black? Cuttlefish Ink. It is surprisingly savory and delicious/octopus flavored.


> UC Davis is hosting the first mead maker's advanced course. It should be a huge opportunity to advance global mead making knowledge. 

> GotMead LIVE - GotMead.com's radio program is awesome. Luminaries from the industry come on and share their most intimate thoughts about mead with the three affable, mirthful hosts. 

Recently, they interviewed me (Frank, aspiring luminary, more like whippersnapper in reality) and in addition to a number of things, we went deep on what mead could mead, I mean, mean, for the honey world, and our larger world in general.  

Specifically, we spoke about how a healthy mead industry could transform honey from a commodity to a specialty good and build a demand that paid a healthy price for sustainable, responsible honey. This could incentivize a whole new wave of beekeepers, which we sorely need. This is the vision Golden Coast Mead aspires to achieve.  That and a ton of delightful mead for people to enjoy.


UC San Diego Study offers insight into bee Colony Collapse. An illuminating short audio clip.


> MEAD & CHOCOLATE PAIRING EVENT | On February 11th, the lovely ladies from So Rich Chocolates are teaming up with us to create a magical mead and chocolate pairing event that will introduce your taste buds to a cascade of complex flavors and profiles. You will taste artisan chocolates and pairings as you learn about the arts of mead- and chocolate-making.

A few days before Valentine's Day, this event is just in time for you to find out exactly how to delightfully surprise your sweetheart. Here's a sneak peak at the pairings...

Freya’s Love Potion (Rhodomel) // White Rose Truffle
Savage Bois (Oaked Mead) // White Chocolate Bark with Candied Pomelo
Tyr’s Battle Elixir (Coffeamel) // Toffee with Almonds and Milk Chocolate
Mirth in a Bottle (Aged Semi-Sweet Mead) // Dark Chocolate Cherry Caramel

*Only 30 open spaces so reserve your ticket early via eventbrite.

The Sushi Bus (epic North County sushi food truck) will be rolling at our Oceanside tasting room on Saturday (1/23) 2pm until close (or until they run out of sushi). Poseidon's Tears will be on tap.

> UPCOMING EVENTS | Find them on our [Events Calendar].



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