Since this is our first Dispatch from the Frontier of Mead, here is an index on the 4 categories that we plan to cover in each dispatch:
NOTES FROM THE TASTING ROOM | This is where we will discuss what we have been up to in our meadery - lessons learned, releases, experiments, and more.
THE FRONTIER OF MEAD | As the category of mead expands on the market, we want to keep you informed on its evolution, successes, and benchmarks.
THE BUZZ ON THE BEES | Our mission: Help save the bees, and the earth, through the sale of mead.
EVENTS | What has Golden Coast Mead been involved with? And remember, you can check out our calendar of events [here]


I am happy to report that Golden Coast Mead is now a mead factory.  After a few iterations -- you know, making mead in basements, in rented wineries (including one with a dirt floor), and then finally getting our own space after 172 people backed us on kickstarter and a few other waves broke our way -- we now have 3300 gallons of capacity and we’re looking to use it to the fullest!

 Our 30bbl fermenter has Orange Blossom Mead humming away. Cali Oak is charging ahead, and Savage Bois was bottled this week (it is amazing). Our sour mead is giving us a bit of a challenge, but I’m faithful that Alex, our R&D Mazer, and Joe, our Director of Production, will come up with a reliably awesome sour mead. Patience here is key.


Additionally, we are working on a few 6.9% abv meads. Nailing the balance between body, flavor and refreshing goodness is challenging in a session mead, but when we’ve perfected it, the world will know. Stay tuned friends.


UC DAVIS MEAD CATEGORY BRANDING SUMMIT | Big deal here: The biggest names in mead making were at UC Davis last week. It was incredible, and somehow, we got invited.

Well, it’s one of the best backstories ever, want to hear it? I thought you would. So, I dated a girl in high school who dated a different guy in college whose parents packed and sold honey. When I got out of the Navy and started this mead buzziness, the same girl said, “Hey, you should get in touch with my ex-boyfriend’s family about buying honey.” I didn’t. However, a few years pass and I am at a conference that I snuck into about making the honey industry better for the bees (Dr. Marla Spivak was there, no big deal) and, “Whoa, you’re my ex-girlfriend’s-ex-boyfriend’s mom who sells honey!” Seriously, there’s his mom, and she’s just been appointed Director of the UC Davis Honey and Pollinator Institute and Divine Inspiration strikes and I mention that UC Davis, School of Oenology and Viticulture could really help the mead industry, and bam, 6 months or 12 months or 18 months later, Amina Harris is putting on the first mead making seminar at UC Davis…

Ken Schramm, who literally wrote the book on mead making was at the branding summit. His book brought the homemead world from 10 to 60. In his intro to it he wrote that if he inspired one mead maker to go pro, it would be worth it. He has. Many times over, me included, and now he has his own meadery where he makes some of the best fermented beverages commercially available in the world.

Michael Fairbrother, founder of Moonlight Meadery was there. Dave Myers from Redstone, Mike Faul from Rabbit’s Foot, Colleen Bos from Bos Meadery, Superstition, Kookolan, Sky River, so many great meaderies of different sizes were represented, established stalwarts and scrappy start-ups. Jeremy Benson facilitated a fun, efficient and effective session which helped us refine our approach to branding and marketing the many facets of mead as a category. It was radical. If you want to find out what they are, well, email me, or come to the tasting room


Golden Coast Mead's Mission is twofold:
Arouse people to the inherent beauty of life, and build a regenerative honey industry in America, through the sale of delightful mead.

ROBOBEE DRONES | RoboBee drones are pollinating flowers now - Well, not quite yet, but they’re working on it. Call me old fashioned, but I’d like to stick with the natural ones.

Also, we got a small sample of organic honey from the Amazon Rainforest - apparently the last frontier for commercially available organic honey. It is rich and dark, almost malty… Standby for next moves. I am thinking an organic, gruit herb session mead. If we can prove this economic model, hopefully it can inspire local beekeepers and landowners to go organic.


> NICKSOLOGY RADIO SHOW | Rad guy, Distiller, Radio Host, Nick Apostolopoulos hosted Natalie, our Director of Sales, and I on the Radio last week. It was a blast. Check out the interview [here], which went into the background of mead and where we envision taking it for the sake of the bees.


> SPROUTS MARKET, our locally built chain of affordable but high quality grocery stores, is turning on the mead! Select stores - North Park, Encinitas/Carlsbad, and San Marcos - will be bringing the mead in this week. Now quality, approachable mead can be yours even easier at a homegrown, quality market.

> BEER WEEK RECAP | Whoa. Beer week is crazy. The cheese and mead (okay, there was beer too) night at The Brasserie was epic. Natalie, our Director of Sales, reported that the pairings were excellent, especially with our Sour Orange Blossom with Gouda. Also, our friendly part-time mead ambassador Vincent was at the Red Shoes & Brews event where our Sour Orange Blossom mead won third best libation after Coronado Brewing Co's Peanut Butter Stout (all the rage these days, apparently) and Division23's Sour Superintendent BerlinerWeisse. Pretty sweet. We like to win things we didn’t know we were competing for. 

> UPCOMING EVENTS | Find them on our [Events Calendar].

With a Million Thanks for your support and encouragement AND EVANGELICAL PROMOTION AND CONSUMPTION OF MEAD,

Very Respectfully,

Frank Golbeck
CEO, Head Mead Maker, Co-Founder



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