Hello friends!

So many good things to share.

1) Whole Foods wants more mead! Details are developing, but they are excited about the opportunity to delight customers and make a positive impact with great mead!

2) We scored enough points on the B Corp Assessment to begin the qualification process to become a Certified Benefit Corp. When we achieve this we’ll be able to put the B Corp logo on our products and show the world that when you purchase Golden Coast Mead, you’re purchasing a product that is making the world more just and abundant. Pretty awesome. Patagonia invited us to reapply next year for investment. Hopefully, when we’re the world’s first Meadery B Corp, that will make the case for their investment more compelling.

3) We’re going to experiment with renaming our dispatch paragraph titles to reflect our values. Our values are:

Authentic - we are who we are, honest, comfortable, joyful in sharing our passions and sense of what is good.

Good for the Earth - we want to make the world more capable of supporting life through our work.

On the Path - like an epic backpacking trip (or hike across San Diego county) we work towards our goal with focus and effort, but we don’t skip the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the magic that presents itself along the way.

Delightful - We want to bring joy, beauty and abundance into the world through our work.

The best way that we can do that is by embodying these traits, then we hope, this will all come through in our work and we will make the world we want to live in, one that is joyful, beautiful and abundant. It’s a virtuous cycle.

4) There’s one more big thing on the horizon. It’s still a reach but if it happens it could be ‘uuuge! So, please send some good vibes to us in making it happen. 😉

5) New Tasting Room is gonna be awesome. Construction is underway.Here’s a picture of the progress (chaos).


So, without further ado:


(Formerly Notes from Tasting Room) - Mead is a tricky thing. I have realized that we intend to redefine it. Recently, we started selling at the Hillcrest Farmers Market in San Diego (which is awesome, you should come). We get to pour samples and sell bottles. In doing so, we have an incredible opportunity to engage with our customers. A lot of folks have the notion that mead is a sweet, renaissance faire novelty. When they encounter our lighter, honey forward but balanced meads, they say, “Wow! This is great. I didn’t know that mead could be like this.” (That should be on a billboard).

All of that said, we polled our customers recently and found that only about a third of them drink mead regularly. Pretty interesting… Maybe we need to design our business model to address that reality and focus on capturing the most profit at that level of demand, and slowly lead the market towards more regular mead drinking as we master more everyday styles of mead. Meads that are more straight-forward and refreshing and easy to pick up when you’re hot, thirsty, and a bit fried. Ideally, our everyday meads will be like an enlivening pick me up, without any chemical preservatives, maybe even with some herbs and other ingredients known to provide a pick me up (Oh! Wait! Let’s use honey!).

Good for the Earth

(Formerly Buzz on Bees) - With all the tumult in the world, I feel like the best thing we can do is make an effort every day to do something better for ourselves, for our communities, for our earth. It’s a difficult calculus, but if we’re paying attention and encouraging each other to make what we can better, we’ll keep going the right direction. One way I have felt this recently is our dependence on foreign oil. Wait, I’m not going to get into that right now. Let’s just have a drink that makes the world a bit more joyful and beautiful and abundant instead?

On Path

(Formerly Frontier of Mead) - We are learning a lot about what it takes to run a successful business and one of those things is Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). We’ve realized that when you have an SOP for something, doing it doesn’t tax your creative energy, instead you’re able to use that creative energy for growth and development.

SOPs also makes coordinating efforts with teammates a lot easier. So, we’re writing SOPs. If another meadery wants to share theirs, we’ll share ours. If someone wants to buy them, awesome. $100, we’ll give you what we’ve got. (That $100 isn’t supposed to be a barrier to entry, just a compensation for the time of engaging you sincerely if you want them.)


(Formerly Events) - We have lots of things happening at our tasting room (hive) in Oceanside. Here are a few we want to highlight:

Make Mead at Home

Learn how to make mead at home with the experts from Golden Coast Mead | http://meadmakingwithgcm.eventbrite.com #homebrew #savethebees #diy #sandiego

Come learn how to make mead with this two-hour hands-on workshop on November 19th with our CEO/Founder/Head Mead Maker, Frank Golbeck, and Head of R&D, Chris Herr, is perfect for amateur and experienced brewers alike.

After the workshop you will be equipped to brew your first 5-gallon batch of mead, which can be ready in time for those end of December holidays!

Tuesday Newsday

If you're interested in receiving an email from us every Tuesday on all of the awesome events that we have going on that week, both in the meadery and the places we'll be serving mead around Southern California, enter your email below to get on the list!

Host your Next Event with the Mirth of Mead!

Are you looking to provide a naturally effervescent & gluten free beverage that aligns with your guests' healthy lifestyles? Golden Coast Mead would love to help spread abundance & joy at your next social gathering.

With our mead, you can assuredly offer an authentic alternative knowing there is no pasteurization or added sulfites. People will get to enjoy it knowing they are supporting a craft that is good for the Earth.

Let us take care of the set up, tear down, pouring and mead-ucation, 
or you can have your favorite bottles delivered!

Please contact Michelle at events@goldencoastmead.com or 513-265-9191 or fill out an event request form here.

Gift Cards Now Available

A frequent request we get is for Gift Cards, and now they're available on our website! You can purchase a digital gift card for yourself or a friend for $45, $90, or $162! These can be used at our tasting room or online.


Lots of love and gratitude for Bee-Lieving in Golden Coast Mead and Partying with Us!


Frank Golbeck
Co-Founder, CEO, Head Mead Maker
Golden Coast Mead


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