Months in the works, we are beyond excited to announce the Golden Coast Mead Club to all of you - our supporters, our friends, our fellow adventurers on the Frontier of Mead.

We hope that this club will help us with our main drive - to craft and share quality mead that is delightful, authentic, and good for the earth.

The Full Details of the Club are Here, but a basic rundown is as follows...

There are two levels: a 3-bottle level, and a 12-bottle level*, both sent out quarterly. Beyond the benefits of delightful mead delivered to your door, the Golden Coast Mead Club entitles you to discounts on mead purchases, complimentary club events, as well as a host of additional benefits.

The 3-bottle club will be shipments of the California Traditionals and sour meads that you already know and love, while the 12-bottle club also includes special release meads that will be available nowhere else.

*The first release of the 12-bottle club will not be until the end of Summer 2016 due to the fact that we are currently working on those very special release meads. For this same reason, we only have a limited number of spaces open for the 12-bottle club.


As always, thank you for the immense support you all are constantly giving to us. We could not think of a more enchanting group to share the mirth of mead.



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